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Preparing Your Baby's Furniture For A Move

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If you are going to be moving to a new home, and you recently had a baby, packing their nursery furniture so it does not become damaged will be a priority. There are several steps you can take to ensure your baby's crib and changing table remain in a pristine state so you can set them up promptly upon your arrival at your new house. Here are some tips to consider when packing baby furniture for a ride in a moving truck.

Take Apart Furniture Beforehand

While it is enticing to keep your baby's furniture in an assembled condition to save on time in putting each piece back together, it is best to take them apart so they can be packaged appropriately. Keeping larger pieces intact can lead to unfortunate mishaps in a moving truck as not all portions of the furniture will have adequate padding in place to protect them. Take photographs of the furniture before you take each piece apart. This may be helpful when putting them back together. It is also a good idea to print assembly information from the furniture companies' websites if you had lost the original instruction manuals.

Protect Each Piece With Padding

Before you can package crib and changing table pieces, they should be wrapped in padded material to keep wood or plastic from becoming marred while in transit. Use pieces of thick bubble wrap to encase each larger piece separately. Use pieces of packing tape to secure the bubble wrap into place so it does not shift or slide off the furniture.  Additions like wheels or knob posts can be placed in smaller pieces of bubble wrap.

Contain Furniture Pieces Properly

After you have wrapped all portions of your furniture, the pieces should be placed in enclosures so they do not become separated in the moving truck. This will also give them additional protection against damage. If you have the original packaging for the furniture, you may be able to place the pieces back inside for the ride. If not, large sheets of cardboard can be used to wrap around a bundle of pieces for each piece of furniture. Tape the bubble-wrapped pieces of a piece of furniture together and place the bundle upon a large sheet of cardboard. Wrap the cardboard around the bundle and use heavy-duty tape to keep it secured around the pieces. This will make it easier for your movers to make sure move them while still keeping the pieces together. 

Any hardware you removed from the pieces should be placed in separate plastic sandwich bags for each piece of furniture. Label the bags "crib" and "changing table" with a black marker and tape them directly to the side of one of the bubble--wrapped pieces before placing it in a box or wrapping it in cardboard. Be sure to place the wheels or knobs you had wrapped previously in these bags as well.