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4 Smart Ways To Save Money On Your Move

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As you plan to move, your expected expenses may grow far outside your budget range even before you start to move your household. You can keep your move well within your budget by decreasing your need for extra truck space, packing supplies, and replacement items. Here are four smart ways to keep your moving expenses under control.

Downsize With Reckless Abandon

Adopting a minimalist approach to living can significantly cut your moving costs. As you downsize your belongings, you decrease the number of trips the moving truck must make to transport all of your items to your new home. Separate your items into "keep," "donate," and "throw away" piles, and then resist the urge to renege on your commitment to downsizing.

Wrap Fragile Items In Linens

Instead of picking up costly padding materials, like bubble wrap, use your linens to wrap up your fragile items. Wrap your tea cups, glasses, and small plates in hand towels and pillow cases to cushion them from impacts during transport. Use bath towels and throw blankets to wrap and protect your dinner plates, platters and collectibles. You will not only save money on packing materials, but also decrease the amount of space taken up in the moving truck.

Utilize Vacuum Bags For Soft Items

Further decrease your need for space in the moving truck by packing all of your remaining linens, clothes, and stuffed animals in vacuum bags. Simply fill the bags with your soft items, and then use a vacuum to suck all of the air out. The items inside the bag will compress down to a manageable size and puff back up once you open the seal on the bag.

Track Your Belongings On Paper

As you move to a new location, you may pack up important items and lose track of their location in your piles of full moving boxes. When this happens, you may waste time and money searching for and replacing the items in question. To avoid this situation altogether, jot down a list of the items as you place them in the moving box, and then tape the paper to the top of the box once you seal it up. Repeat this for each box you pack to keep track of your belongings.

By utilizing these moving tips, you can minimize your moving expenses and streamline the relocation process. Make sure to downsize your belongings before you contact your moving company to ensure your price quote reflects your actual needs. A moving company like Christos & Christos Moving and Storage can help you determine the best moving truck size and manpower requirements to make your move quick, easy, and stress-free.