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Tips For Choosing Packing Materials When Planning A Move

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Using the right packing materials is crucial to an efficient move. If you use the wrong packing materials, your valuables may get broken, torn, wet, and dirty during transit. The wrong packing materials may also unnecessarily take up more space. Here are some tips to help you use the right packing materials for a move:

Look For Item Specific Boxes

Some delicate items, such as TV sets, mirrors, and computers, are best transported in their original boxes. If the original boxes aren't available, then the next best option is to use item-specific boxes. An item-specific box is specifically made for the safekeeping of the item. They will keep your items safe because they fit well, including corners and protruding points that may not fit snugly in a random box. A good example is a dish pack, which comes with installed dividers for storing dinner sets.

Don't Use Newspapers as Lining

Papers make excellent lining materials, but using newspapers isn't advisable. The ink in newspapers can easily transfer from the papers to your stored items. If you don't want your items to be damaged in that way, opt for plain paper (such as inexpensive wrap sheets), paper towels or thin sheets since they won't stain your items.

Get Your Box Sizes Right

Most people know that they need boxes of different sizes; small boxes for small items and larger ones for large items. However, you don't have to match the number of small boxes with the number of small items, and the same for large boxes. This is because it sometimes makes sense to use a large box to hold two or more small items than to use individual boxes for each. It is a good way of saving space and reducing the number of trips during loading and offloading.

Think About the Environment

Out of concern for the environment, everybody should switch to reusable or recyclable packing materials. There are boxes that you can flatten after use, store, and reuse later. Some people also have returnable boxes that you can rent for a small fee. Evaluate your needs and budget to decide which environmentally-friendly option is suitable for you. For example, the reusable boxes are best if you want something you can store and use at a future date.

Note that packing materials of inferior quality endanger your items not only during the move but also during loading and offloading. In fact, if you are using old and damaged packing materials, the moving company may be reluctant to handle your boxes for fear that you may hold them responsible for the inevitable damage. If you don't have the right materials, contact your moving company in advance since many of these companies also deal in such materials. You can click here for more info about moving services in your area.