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Riding On Air: How Air Assists In Protective Packaging Materials During Your Move

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When an item is suspended in air, it is not likely to to be damaged except by flying objects or objects dropping from above. Taking this scientific principle into consideration, manufacturers of packaging materials have created several products that protect your items with air while the items are transported from one location to another. To get a better idea of how this works, here are some examples of packaging with air and moving objects with this type of protective material.

Air-Inflated, Poly-Bag Pillows and Poly-Bag Pillow Chains

If you have recently received any orders that required some stabilization during shipping, you probably opened the boxes to discover air-inflated, poly-bag pillows. These packaging materials can be any size, from a few inches across to a foot or more. They are pre-inflated with air, which creates one or more large cushions inside the boxes. Your moving company may offer these as singular "pillows" surrounding larger items inside the truck, or wrap a chain of the inflated poly-bag pillows around delicate or expensive objects, such as vases or grand piano legs.


The original "air transport," bubblewrap is no longer just one size. Manufacturers of packaging materials have now created bubblewrap that contains far larger bubbles of air for increased stability during moving and shipping. Your moving company probably has several rolls of this stuff in its varied sizes and levels of air inflation in order to accommodate packing small, medium, and large items to move customers' items.

Air Bags for Moving and Transport

Air bags can work one of two ways:

  1. Air-filled bags are placed around objects during moving and shipping so that other items do not bang against them.
  2. Smaller items are placed inside the air bags and then the air bags are inflated such that the items are held in a sort of suspended animation the entire time they are in transit.

Your moving company may have the first type of air bag, but typically the second type of air bag is only offered through shipping companies. If you would prefer that some of your most fragile items be transported via the second type of air bag, you can purchase these online or through a package delivery service and then request that your movers use them with specific items.

Rubber Balloons

As odd as it sounds, your typical rubber balloons may be used for protective shipping and transport too. When the balloons are inflated with helium, they provide a buoyancy that air alone cannot. This type of packaging material is especially useful for providing support to particularly heavy and dense objects that might otherwise crash and smash into other things on the moving truck. Because of the helium-inflated rubber balloons, the items hardly move at all, and when the items move, the rubber gives them a little bounce cushion.

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