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Three Effective Strategies To Help You Pay Less For Storage Space

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Visiting a storage facility and signing up to rent a unit can serve as the crucial first step in your effort to better organize or even declutter your home. Through the process of relocating some of your possessions to the storage facility, you'll be able to get your home into better order without actually having to throw anything out. Despite the affordability of many storage options, there are ways to pay even less for your storage unit if your finances are tight. Here are three strategies to employ if you're eager to get a storage unit but want to spend less on it.

Split The Space With Someone You Trust

Given the desirable nature of storage units, you can often find an acquaintance or family member who has expressed an interest in renting storage space. Provided you trust this person enough to form a partnership, pool your funds together and split the monthly cost of the unit. While splitting the unit's cost 50/50 is a simple approach, other splits can also be effective as the situation dictates. Once you have the unit, dividing the space can be simply attained by running a line of duct tape across the floor of the unit. You can then each fill your respective sides with your items.

Look For The Most Basic Unit At The Facility

Storage facilities often have fancy units available for rental -- some allow the user to control the heat and humidity, while others are directly accessible from a vehicle. While enticing, opting out of these added features can help to lower the cost of your unit. Think about what you intend to store and consider whether a basic unit with no added perks will suit your needs. For example, if you're storing small boxes and other easily manageable items, you don't necessarily need direct access to the unit with your vehicle; unloading your vehicle and carrying the items down a hallway can translate into cost savings.

Ask About Payment Plan Changes

It's conventional for storage unit renters to pay for their space monthly. Consider how long you intend to use the unit and discuss your plans with the rental agent to see if you can get a favorable rate. For example, if you're comfortable with paying for several months or a year in advance, ask if you can get a rate reduction. The proliferation of storage facilities in many cities breeds competition, which means companies are often willing to provide incentives to get your business.

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